Umbilical Cord Tissue Offers the Greatest Number of Harvestable Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Research and Clinical Application: A Literature Review of Different Harvest Sites

C. Thomas Vangsness Jr., M.D., Hal Sternberg, M.D., and Liam Harris, B.S.

Recent years have seen dramatic increases in the techniques used to harvest and isolate human mesenchymal stem cells. As the potential therapeutic aspects of these cells further develop, informative data on the differences in yields between tissue harvest sites and methods will become increasingly valuable.

Concise Review: Wharton’s Jelly: The Rich, but Enigmatic, Source of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells

John E. Davies, a,b - John T. Walker,c - Armand Keating, a,d

The human umbilical cord is an increasingly popular source of cells being developed for cell therapy. The reasons, often reiterated, are the noninvasive harvest from tissue normally discarded at birth, the relatively high cell yields, and a phenotype that parallels that of mesenchymal stromal cells from other tissue sources.


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